The Joyful Side of Playwriting

May 30th 2016,


Below is a note from Persephone Theatre. This is just one of the many pleasure on the joyful side of playwriting.


Hi David,

Great to hear from you. Danny was very well received. The show reports from points all over the province were fantastic. I got a chance to see it several times and was really impressed each time with the performances and the responses. We had the amazing opportunity to fly in to Northern Saskatchewan to schools only accessible by plane through a big sponsorship with Cameco so kids living waaaaaaay up north got to see it as well. We had a lot of fun with the show as well. Danny would run away through the audience all the way to the back of the gym and hide and then kids would either give him up or “lie” to his mom that they hadn’t seen him. We also used shadow puppetry to create Angelo’s Dinosaur dad and the Taxi arriving etc. Very fun.



Daniel Macdonald, Artistic Associate
Persephone Theatre

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