Mad Acts

May 24th 2015

Dear Reader,

I think one of the most interesting questions to ask right now is why, in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence, has there been so little done to reduce carbon emissions? Certainly, as I stare out my window at the trees bursting into life, it’s hard to imagine the planet is in peril yet the tells are obviously there.

One explanation, brilliantly researched and laid out in Naomi Klein’s new book, “This Changes Everything: The Climate VS. Capitalism” is that multinational oil companies are to blame. These companies, she claims, have systematically muddied the scientific waters and, more directly, invested heavily in US politicians to vote for what they want. In essence, she asserts, the oil lobby has bought public opinion and government policy. If true, you could understand why Joe Citizen might get angry.


Fury brought to the page, perhaps?


And that is essentially the premise of a new play that Richard Greenblatt and I have begun creating this week. It takes place in Tom Patinaud’s executive oil company office and it imagines what would happen if he was trapped in that room with a very irate, desperate and dangerous environmentalist. His name is Max and, having seen the movie last night, we can call him Mad Max.

I have signed a serious non-disclosure agreement so I cannot tell you more about the plot but it’s going to be a smart, tense little hostage drama. Stay tuned.


Mad David S. Craig and Mad Richard Greenblatt



The movie Mad Max: Fury Road is also a tense drama but it is written on a huge, violent scale. But when the truck stops rolling, and the bullets stop flying, what we see is that the male leader, a tyrant with a harem of ‘wives’, has been killed (in combat) and the new leader (a fighter who protects the innocent) will be a woman (Charlize Theron with one arm missing) when the director/writer could easily have made that leader a man (Tom Hardy). I’m seeing this theme everywhere including my own Lysistrata. The traditional patriarchy, hierarchy (top down) is being replaced by strong women who lead teams of equals. Perhaps we need to change our culture, our environment if you will, so we can save our plant.

Have a good weekend!




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