Double Trouble – First moments

There are many important milestones in the life of a new play.  There is the idea, that first moment when you become aware, slowly or in a ‘coup d’eclat’, that a play has begun growing in your imagination.  The second is the moment you find someone to share the journey, either a producer, director, dramaturge or collaborator.  It means you are not writing alone but for someone in the immediate as opposed to the future audience.  Then there is the first draft, the first reading, the (hopefully) first production contract and the first public announcement.   This is the moment Double Trouble has reached in its journey towards its first performances.  The Imagination Stage in Bethesda, Maryland (just outside Washington, D.C.) has exercised its option and announced  the play will open June 24th, 2015, directed by Associate Director Kathryn Chase Bryer.  This is joyful news.  There is a sense, in this moment unlike the others, that there is no going back, that the die has been cast and all concerned are committed, without hesitation or reserve, to bringing the story to the stage.


My work is not finished.  My brilliant composer, Marc Schubring, and I have decided to add another song, a solo for Lisa, in the second act, which will balance the solo Lottie has in act one as well as showcasing Lisa’s concern that her mother may not like this noisy, talkative daughter.  It’s a song about longing and  how much we want to be liked and accepted by new friends or, in this case, by a new mother.  Marc spends Novembers in Manhattan and I am hoping I can join him there for a few days to work on this last new song.


Double Trouble plays  June 24–August 9, 2015
Based on Eric Kastner’s novel Lottie & Lisa (AKA The Parent Trap); Adapted by David S. Craig; Music by Marc Schubring; Directed by Kathryn Chase Bryer Lottie and Lisa are ten-year-old twins who are being raised separately by their divorced parents. When the girls meet unexpectedly at summer camp they discover their true relationship, and the high stakes, madcap adventure begins. Having switched places, the girls discover that their deception is hard to sustain. Will their parents be convinced that the sisters belong together?

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