Double Trouble at Imagination Stage

Front Row: Deborah Jacobson (music), Jessica Thorne, Megan Westman, Jocelyn Henjum (stage manager)Back Row: David Craig (playwright), Katie McManus, Daniel Corey, Emily Kester, Emma Jackson, Lynette Rathnam, Kathryn Chase Bryer (director) — with Katie McManus, Daniel Corey, Jessica Lynne Miller Thorne, Emily Kester, Megan Westman and Emma Kate Jackson at Imagination Stage.[/caption]

Just returned from a very exciting development week at Imagination Stage in Bethesda (just outside of Washington, DC).  The project was my adaptation of Erich Kästner’s celebrated 1950’s  novel Lottie and Lisa.  Or, to paraphrase a familiar children’s rhymn:  “This is the play, based on the book, that inspired the movie, The Parent Trap.”  A fantastic story and, compared to The Neverending Story,  easier to adapt for the stage.  I was working with Associate Artistic Director Kate Bryer, musical director Debbie Jacobson and eight talented actors (7F, 1M).  The first act charges along on all eight cylinders with wonderful music (by German composer Marc Schubring), lyrics and book scenes (par moi même) in delightful balance.  The second act, when the twins trade places and go to their ‘other’ parent, made solid progress and needs more but the way forward is clear.

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